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Are you facing a challenge in your life? When life gets overwhelming, we can all use support, encouragement and help from time to time. You may be experiencing depression or anxiety. You may need help in sorting out the dynamics of a co-dependent relationship. You may have questions about making healthy parenting decisions or you may be experiencing job burnout. You may need a safe place to heal your marriage.

Whatever it is that brings you to our office, we at Cornerstone Counseling care about you and the things that you struggle with. We are a Christian counseling center. We believe that you can receive healing from your emotional wounds. We will work with you to discover the root of the issues, and do it with love and gentleness. We count it a privilege to help you through the challenges of your life.

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Philosophy Statement

We affirm that God is the Creator of all things and thus, the Author of truth. We embrace the Word of God as the ultimate authority of all we believe and practice. As Christians, we affirm a broad biblical perspective that makes room for both psychology and scriptural revelation, and we use techniques if they are in alignment with scripture and our core Christian values and beliefs.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Healer and the Holy Spirit is the Counselor. We are His instruments to help facilitate the healing process in our clients.

We believe that Jesus Christ and His shed blood are foundational regarding issues that we wrestle with in our search for wholeness.




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